God is a good player


Natural rainbow over the sea, St. Ives, Cornwall.

God is a good player. or he is examining us all. When a father came to know that my son will be dead by tomorrow. What would be the answer to that father to console him? what should we say? Should we say “don’t be upset uncle your son will be an angel?” isn’t it a poor consolation to that father? I am writing this post because today or tomorrow one of my beloved friends will die. He is now at APOLLO HOSPITAL, BANGLADESH. He is struggling for his last breath.  He has a very serious disease in his body. For the operation he needed 104 bags of bloods but in vain. That was a rear case in the APOLLO HOSPITAL’s history as well as Bangladesh. Though the operation was successful but his physical condition went wrong for last two days. Now the doctors stated that his percentage of living is only 5 percent yesterday. We also went to donate blood. But the doctors refused to take our blood, because my friend’s chance of living is only 5 percent. A sentence, only a sentence made me cry yesterday, the father of my friend said to us with tears at his eyes “My bad luck, he is my only son” I didn’t find any words to console him. I think there is a time when god tries to show us “what he can do”. I think that was the time god was telling “you people are not bowing me or obeying me? You have to obey me, I will make you bow” . And for that father that was the time to bow to the god. We should obey the rules of our god. Please everybody pray for my friend. That if he lives then make him more better. And if he dies then may god bless him in heaven.


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Soikot Hasan

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