Understanding the key traffic drivers


Web traffic drivers typically fall into one of two buckets — free and paid. we will talk about free Traffic Drivers Today.

Free traffic includes visitors who arrive at the website organically through word of mouth referrals, social media publicity, viral videos, and news outlets who might be covering and linking to the company online.

Paid traffic includes visitors who arrive at the website through a sponsored placement or advertising slot that the company has devoted to testing. These channels include banner advertising, social media advertising, and sponsored placements

A myth in online marketing is that free traffic is inherently better than paid traffic. This perspective is untrue. Both types of marketing require significant investment in terms of time and money. In other words, free traffic isn’t free — you need still to dedicate time and human capital to building an intelligent strategy and executing your operations.


There are some traffic drivers those can help the company in the terms of online marketing.

Public Relations:


Build relationship with journalists to gain visibility in media channels. Connect with top blogs in your industry to contribute content and thought leadership on behalf of a company.

Search Engine Optimization: 


Develop a strategy to improve a company’s website’s visibility in search engines. When prospective customers or buyers are searching for information online, the company should be the first-res-ponder to these questions.

Social Media:

social media

Develop a presence on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Quora. Focus on the networks that best position a company to reach target audiences.



By sharing thought leadership and expertise in a company will make the company more competitive. The company blog can help to become a trusted resource for the customers and buyers and prospects.

Video Marketing:

video mareting

Create engaging videos to help explain the products and to tell the story behind a company as a brand. Branded videos can also yield entertainment value.


Content Syndication:

content syn

Don’t have an audience for the video or blog the content that the company is producing? They should house it on the blog, and should distribute it through a website, publication, or video channel with a larger audience base. A proportion of these viewers or readers that a company  reaches will find their way back to the website.

Email Lists:

email list

Bringing visitors to a company’s website just once wouldn’t be enough. We need to keep them coming back. An email list can help accomplish this goal. For instance, every time the company publishes a blog post, we can send a notification to the readers.

Those were the most important ideas a company should use in the long run to have good sales of the product. Now I will show what would be the benefit and the comparison between using online and offline marketing to have a good ROI those ideas should be used for every company.

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